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Harmony<br />

A Comprehensive Human Capital Management Solution, managing payroll and compensation of an enterprise through different HR activities in an employee’s lifecycle.

Destiny<br />
(Payroll Outsourcing)
(Payroll Outsourcing)

Payroll outsourcing solutions, a service by professional payroll experts, manages your entire payroll workload and lets you focus on your core business activities.

Spectrum<br />

An Enterprise Solution for variation monitoring to optimize product quality and ensure process compliance.
It’s not just an idea; it’s a validated product.

Our Clients

  • We find Sofcom good business partners and are working closely with them to develop more innovative solutions aimed at continuous improvement in pharmaceutical manufacturing.”

    Ms. Ruby Shaikh Senior Manager Quality Control Bristol Myers Squibb Pakistan
  • We are fortunate to have Sofcom as our HCM solution provider and we would be more than willing to recommend them to other companies.

    Asad Ali Head of HR, Barclays Bank Plc
  • Sofcom not only takes care of your organizational needs but also helps you in achieving your goals in the utmost efficient manner. We could not have found a better solution provider than Sofcom.

    Zahid Hussain Head of HR Operations (Soneri Bank)
  • I have been a user of Harmony and have implemented this software in two companies; I feel pleasure to tell everyone that this HR software really is an asset for any HR department. User experience is great and provides excellent security features, which helps multi location and large organizations in many ways. The support is quick and the application is absolutely robust.

    Salman Nawazish Senior HR Business Partner (US Apparel & Textiles (Pvt.) Ltd.)
  • We have been using Harmony for Payroll, funds and settlement for the last ten years. The system is highly user friendly, secure and reliable. Sofcom team is competent, cooperative and highly professional; we can rely on the team. We enjoyed delightful services from Sofcom since 2006. Our organization always looks for state of the art technology solutions for its processes and Sofcom meets our requirements. We see a strong and long lasting relationshipwith Sofcom in the years to come

    Khizer Iqbal Senior Manager – HR Operations (Standard Chartered)

Distinctive Features

Integrated Solutions

We offer our customers simple and transparent solutions which helps them to integrate into their existing infrastructure.

Intelligent Workflow Management

Our software’s are workflow-centric process management solutions that are aimed at automating operations.

Controlled Access

Our Solutions help to regulate and provide selective restriction of access to data.


Our Solutions help companies to maintain internal and external compliance, whilst providing control for efficient operations to save cost and enhance revenue.

User Friendly Interface

Solution is designed in such a mode that it makes it easy, efficient and enjoyable to operate while producing the desired results.

Timely Upgrades

Our solutions are under constant innovational upgrades, trying to bring our clients the best experience and provide them with an exquisite product.


Our solution accommodates complex and large data which acts as a catalyst for the growth of the organization. Our Solutions also provide complete flexibility to work in an integrated environment or an independent environment.

Audit Trails

Built-in audit logs help organizations to record every activity while providing them security and recovery for lost transactions, and assisting them in instituting good internal and external controls for the organization.

Easy to Implement

Implementing these solutions could not be easier as they are build on parametric approach and are web based solutions. Our solutions enjoy 100% implementation rate.

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