Empowering organizations with its flexibility, Spectrum provides comprehensive Laboratory Information Management Solution that helps in variation monitoring and supports a laboratory’s analytical and resource management needs.

Scientific Laboratories tend to have a large amount of data that must be tracked and analyzed, processing possibly thousands of samples per week. So with the help of Spectrum’s parametric tools, you can easily process multiple types of samples, and can undertake various calculations or processes.

Spectrum optimizes laboratory throughput and also harness your data’s potential by turning it into actionable information. So, why use a different solution to manage your lab needs? Let Spectrum help you achieve greatness with all aspects of your laboratory operations.

How we can Benefit you

Over the period spectrum has helped its client achieve excellence through its beneficial tools. Our lab partners feel proud to capitalize Spectrum’s tools to turn their data into meaningful information.

Make decision faster

Spectrum helps the analysts to manage resources and improve utilization, cutting down the major challenges like cost saving, time management and workload balance.

Continuous Improvement

Spectrum highlights the areas of an organization’s processes that need management or operations teams’ attention and provides real-time actionable information for Continuous Process Improvement.

Compliance Reporting and Minimize Errors

Ensuring internal SOPs and performance parameters are vital for any organization. Spectrum helps in maintaining proper audit trails and compliance reporting which in result helps in taking advantage of audibility and traceability.

How we help you manage

Resource Optimization and Increased Throughput

Spectrum’s software architecture provides complete flexibility to configure the application according to your organization’s specific needs. The information allows management and operators to optimize resources, increase throughput, facilitate continuous improvement, saving time and cost.

Knowledge Management and Information Sharing

Make your data available worldwide. Spectrum is a web based solution with extensive reporting system which provides simple and analytical complex reports helping in smart decision making. Moreover, its elegant dashboard and comprehensive MIS are keystone tools for successful planning and information sharing.


Scalability of the solution provides the opportunity to use Spectrum in an integrated environment which further helps in a wide range of testing activities.


Spectrum LIMS

Spectrum LIMS is an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software solution which supports a Laboratory’s analytical and resource management needs, whilst monitoring compliance requirements. Spectrum LIMS is focused on optimizing laboratory performance and resource management.

Spectrum Stability

SPECTRUM Stability is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software that includes functions and features to control the complete life cycle study of a batch in a simple and logical fashion. It provides complete shelf life forecasting based on complete intervals and also predicts product behavior in future months based on last month’s study.