Spectrum LIMS

Spectrum LIMS is an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software solution which supports a Laboratory’s analytical and resource management needs, whilst monitoring compliance requirements. Spectrum LIMS is focused on optimizing laboratory performance and resource management. Optimization helps increase the laboratory’s throughput, saves cost and enhances customer satisfaction.

Spectrum LIMS can easily process multiple types of samples, and can undertake various calculations or processes on each one. Sample testing can be grouped or performed individually as required. These groups can be by type of test (e.g. microbiological, toxic etc.) or by type of sample (e.g. Raw material, Finished Good, Water etc.). Spectrum LIMS also prompts for revalidation and repeat samples. The complete information of a sample is kept in Spectrum LIMS like sampling info, receipt info etc.

Simple and complex result calculating formulae can be defined into Spectrum LIMS, making it easy for the user to calculate final results from raw data. In addition to the final results, Spectrum LIMS maintains the original raw data to facilitate further analysis and decision making. Spectrum LIMS also manages repeat test results, providing a full history of tests and results on every sample.

The benefits of Spectrum LIMS include, but are not limited to, internal and external compliance, continuous improvement, resource optimization, cost efficiency, knowledge management, efficient time management, error minimization, and easy access to all quality–related information.