Organizational setup is a basic module which helps in defining parameters to be followed by an organization in order to successfully implement a flawless corporate structure. It helps in setting up an organizational hierarchy by assigning departments and sub-departments while appointing employees with the required designation and also helps identify different cost centers.


Employee Administration module maintains an up-to-date record of extensive employee’s personal information such as dependents, family members, academic qualification, previous experiences, skills, etc., which further helps HR in identifying particular skills or experience for a new project or position. Customized extensive reports are also available.


The recruitment module is an intelligent and useful tool that takes care of all the steps required in identifying the right talent and the process of hiring them. Payroll and Talent Management modules are integrated with the recruitment module, which aids in the course of finding and hiring qualified and suitable candidates, from within or outside of an organization for a job opening in a timely and cost-effective manner. Moreover, it also provides a utility to capture online resume from the website.


Defines all the positions in a company with their associated job description and specifications. Complete functionality for competency assessment is also available to identify the gaps between position requirements and an employee’s competency.


Leave management addresses all the needs of any particular organization for its employee leave accounting. Highly configurable and can easily be integrated with payroll and attendance system. Leave rosters along with its disbursement mechanism is also available.


Attendance module records the status of an employee catering multiple shifts, marking the status “Present”, “Absent”, “Late”, or “Excused”. Full attendance allowances as well as late coming policies can be incorporated fully, in correlation with leave and payroll modules.


This particular module helps in deciding a career path of potential employees and successor(s) of a key resource. It identifies the actual need of training employees’ need to groom their skills, the mentors they require and on which positions they should be appointed and what other abilities they should possess to hold a particular position. Monitoring of employee’s career tracks what they have reached till yet. Execution of identified training programs helps align the individual needs to the corporate objectives.


This module helps organizations with a well-defined formal process by which organizations can align an employee’s objectives to its corporate goals and reward the individual accordingly based on their performance/appraisal rating. Full 360° appraisals are accommodated in the system. Increments are generated based on appraisal; Generation of increment statements and increment letters is available with regular posting on payroll module.


A comprehensive feedback mechanism from the trainer, trainee and HR creating a complete database that helps in improving the efficacy of training plans. Apart from ad-hoc training needs training database has a seamless interface with appraisal and competency assessment modules to identify the training needs. A Periodic training plan along with training attendance is managed, and proper feedback from training is collected with a rating for trainers from HR.


Document Management helps store, manage and track documents and reduce paper. It incorporates document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, COLD/ERM, and output systems, and information retrieval systems. This module keeps a track of various versions of the document created and modified by different users, subsequently leaving an audit trail. Document Management provides configurable security profiles to enforce the correct access control of your important content and makes it simple for users, with the right permissions, to access business-critical documents.