Harmony is a Comprehensive Human Capital Management solution that fits any organizations need, gives it control and helps it excel. The solution has a comprehensive structure to configure complete organizational setup,  to effectively manage and implement HR policies. Harmony is an integrated solution to manage a comprehensive employee life cycle and helps companies in strategic talent management and compensation from recruitment till retirement. These two logical segmentations of Payroll and Talent Management activities creates a secure and efficient environment for business process management.

Harmony’s web-based solution makes it an easy-to-use interface which is common and consistent throughout the application. It’s seamless integration dynamically captures employee transactions and activities to portray comprehensive profile of an employee i.e. Each segment consists of various modules which can be used independently as well as in an integrated environment. This scalability facilitates the user to plan the implementation according to the available resources.


Harmony is synchronized with a paradigm shift in workforce management industry, focusing on employee competencies and knowledge set required to perform their jobs, realize their potential and contribute towards the growth and profitability of the company. Harmony is distributed into two logical segments, first and foremost being Talent Management, which consists of 6 modules that fully absorbs an employees details.  It helps the enterprise in establishing a complete employee life cycle starting from recruitment and storing personal information. Every employee’s particular job description and job specification are stored in the database in a very orderly fashion, facilitating the employer and helping him create an environment that can lead to improving productivity. Time specific appraisal can be set-up to align an individual goal and objectives to the corporate goals. Employee training and development are key processes to prepare a workforce. Harmony’s proactive approach ensures that the training plans are executed on time and within budget. Our solution is fully proficient in employee leave accounting. Moreover, all modules of harmony can work in an integrated environment making it easier for the organization in talent management.

Payroll & Compensation

Harmony’s second logical segment is payroll and compensation which is very vital for every enterprise. This part consists of 14 modules that can assess an enterprise in a number of ways. Our solution helps the organization handle the payroll and compensation of the entire workforce while incorporating every article, from provident funds to employee loans and overtimes till EOBI and pension. And all this is processed and prepared in mere few minutes. Harmony fully absorbs the concept of payroll and compensation into the solution. The software organizes all the tasks of employee payments and the filing of employee tasks which can include keeping track of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, and paying employment taxes to the government. Our solution helps the user to not only configure but also monitor varying expense control policies to effectively manage the expense claim and disbursement process. Remuneration received in the form of compensation by an employee in return for his contribution to the organization can also be managed and calculated in a very effective way on an ad-hoc basis by the solution.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS empowers the employees of an organization, a Single portal for task management that speeds up HR workflow processes to save significant employee and HR personnel time, and can lead to a paperless environment. These workflows include inquiry and changes in personal data, leave application and authorization, loan application and approval, expense claim and approval, online appraisal, employee hiring requests, training program participation and approval. ESS is an important tool for communication between HR function and employees. It instantly disseminates information regarding company news, compensation-related data and policies, and other HR information.

Manager Self service (MSS)

Harmony Manager Self service (MSS) provides easy access for managers to approve and view the relevant information of  an employee in their responsibility area.